Integrating SMS function to your application

iSMS from Malaysia based company providing the easy way to integrating sms function to your application. iSMS has been designed to provide a straightforward, yet effective, method of integrating websites and software with the messaging platform; making it perfectly suitable for both small and large corporate information systems.

In order to use iSMS API to send mass SMS, you have to initiate a HTTP request (POST/GET method) to the following URL :-


iSMS Features:




*un Username of iSMS account isms
*pwd Password of iSMS account isms123
dstno Mobile number that you wish to send a message
(Append 00 for international numbers).
*msg The message body (MAX limit : 900 char) Hi, John. How r u?
type Type of SMS

1 – ASCII (English, Bahasa Melayu, etc)
2 – Unicode (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
Sender ID to be displayed on recipient’s mobile phone.

(Please notice that Malaysia Maxis Prefix does not support Sender ID)

* MUST URL Encoded

Sample Single Recipient

Multiple Recipient (Separate each recipient with semi-colon(;) )maximum 300 number per push

Pricing can check it out here

For more information, you may visit the website


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